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The one thing we know our youths are very good at is pressing the phone, and it’s not news. The only problem is that only a tiny percentage utilizes it. Youths have always been at war with their inner selves, choices of career & implementations, poor finances, social and economic relevances.

For those Youths from well-to-do homes, everything might look fine until they want to be independent and the shift doesn’t transition easily.
Those from poor backgrounds suffer the most as they fight tooth and nail in other to defeat these aforementioned life challenges.

While many in schools think of life after school, lots of graduates are job hunting, seeking even the least paid job, with so many talented children growing up in their numbers and getting ready to join the labour market with no hopes of succeeding.

These kids may be very brilliant, yet most of them are in the streets without proper education. Some of them have no parents to see them through school, and others from homes where parents are less informed on the relevance of education.

If indeed the Youths are our future leaders as we always say, then there’re needs to ensure we grow and nurture the right kind of intellectuals that would create legacies for a better world, even for the next generations of Youths in different aspects of life.

Setting out principles and creating initiatives for youths’ interests both in rural and urban communities becomes the best call. These and many other causes brought about the birth and rise of “The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative.”

The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative is fully registered with the Nigeria Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) with the CAC/IT/NO: 127873. And compliant with the Money laundry (Prohibition) Act, 2011 as we are also certified by the Nigeria Special Control Unit Against Money Laundry (SCUML) with RN/SC: 041400360/077940.

We are passionate about Community Growth, Peace, Love, Discipline, and true Wealth creation among the Youths; so we are launching initiatives/projects and partnerships that caters for the interests of the youths through job creation, skill training, community services, business grants and loan funding, and other social, economic activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every young and aspiring youth within our reach with relevant skills, information, experience, initiatives, and tools to enable them to excel in any chosen career or business. Grant free career mentorship and help empower talented Youths through our initiatives with financial aids for business development and idea creation.


Our Vision is to build a community of young and highly enterprising youths with a membership base of over One million people in less than 3years, worldwide.


TYCT Initiative – Actualizing Dreams


The brains behind TYCT Initiative

Akachukwu Christopher Chidera

Akachukwu, Christopher Chidera

Founder & Chairman (CEO, Securewills Investment LTD)
Ozor Emmanuel

Ozor Emmanuel

Director South East, NG.
Uzo Patrick

Uzo Patrick

Registrar and Head of Marketing

Casi Henry Raymond

Mentor (Foreign Exchange Market)

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What people say about us

In a period of 12 months, you guys have done so much more as if you have being existing for a decade-plus. Keep the good work guys.

- Ogbuagu Onyekachi

I still remember those words of yours, "Akachukwu Christopher," when you brought your Proposal to partner with Denco Farms West African LTD for your Organization. Your words melted our hearts that we can't think otherwise than partnering with TYCT Initiative to help empower the youths through our Farm businesses. Your genuine good heart will always pave way for TYCT Initiative. Keep up the good works; you have our support non-stop!

- Desmond Chinonso (CEO Denco Farms)

When you talk about selfless service, you are nowhere far from TYCT Initiative Organization. Here, the love and attention given to the youths are incomparable.

- Ekenobi Augustine

Noble, Trustworthy, Reliable are my best 3 quantifiers for The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative. You guys are proven great just as expected. More creativity as you have my support fulltime.

- Samuel Hendrix

Most of the skills I have acquired today as a young scholar were through the skill acquisition programs organized by "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative". I am forever grateful, and will always contribute to the progress of the organization the much I can.

- Nneoma Nnebe

Looking for a reliable non-profit organization to help execute that your charity project? Look no more with "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" in the center of your plans,

- Ikechukwu Anurika

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