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Adopt a scholar

$ 100,000.00 Needed Donation


In the rural areas, there are many talented kids whose aspiring dreams and educational foundations are diminishing, either because their parents couldn’t help carter for their school fees, or the kids are not privileged to grow under their parents.

Yes, many children are without parents, and they grew up in the hands of their guardians, who may not afford the sacrifice of seeing them through school.

Some of these parents or guardians are less informed, and they nurture the belief that struggling to send their kids/wards through 6years in secondary school when they are sure that the child won’t be furthering their education to the university level as they can’t afford the fees, would amount to waste of resources. So they would rather prefer sending these kids to learn apprenticeship or trade at that early stage in the name of cutting corners, thereby depriving them of their fundamental human right as a child.

Majority of these less-privileged children are brilliant, and their aspiring dreams would be problem-solving to our nation and even to the world if given the standard of education required to transform their individual choice of career into a profession.

There are many free education programs organized by the government, companies, and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, we still have many children from the rural areas yet to be recognized and given fair-worthy attention.

Also, there are many companies, successful individuals, and international organizations who share the same vision as ours to “sponsor a child through a school;” but they lack the means to reach to these kids, and so they would love to work through a transparent non-profit organization to help reach these less-privileged kids in the rural areas.

These are some of the many problems most children from less privileged homes face, thus calling for emergency response.



Having seen the ravaging problem occurring in our rural communities and the negative effect poor educational upbringing for kids would yield to our nation and the world at large, we needed to create a rescue mission to assist other philanthropic organizations and governments reach out to more less-privileged children and send them to school.

In line with this mission, the Young Creative Thinkers Initiative launched “the sponsor a child through a school campaign 1.0”.

The sponsor a child through a school campaign is targeted to rescue up to a hundred thousand (100,000) children in each state in Nigeria in 7 to 10 years. The program is aimed to reach out to young, intelligent, and talented kids in primary and secondary schools, grant them scholarships from their current academic level to the university level while offering them routine mentorship towards making their choice of career a profession.



With the aid of our grassroots volunteers from different local governments, we shall reach out to several primary and secondary schools in each community to create awareness for our ongoing Project on “sponsor a child through a school campaign.”

Interested students from all eligible schools in the local government are to purchase an enrollment form from their various schools, churches, or local governments.

Putting in full consideration the scheme of work for the class of students going for our exams, we shall set the scholarship exam questions to comply with the general standard scheme of work provided by the federal ministry of education.

We shall be fixing our exam date, time, and venues; then make publication/announcements through different channels to ensure every child who enrolled for the exam knows of exam schedules to aid their preparation.

There will be four stages of screening for the scholarship to enable us to make the proper selection based on qualification and the child’s financial background.

1st Stage: Students will sit for a general examination. To qualify for this stage, the student has to score up to 150 cut-off marks on average for the three papers they will be writing. Each paper has a total score of 100. The three papers include English, Mathematics, and general studies.

2nd Stage: Students who qualified from stage 1 will be invited for an interview to ascertain how much importance offering them this scholarship will be to them. During the interview session, we shall also be putting in check the child’s financial background to make the best choice of selection based on “who should need the scholarship the most.”

After the interview, we shall plot a histogram from the best student with the highest exam cut-off point to the least with 150 cut-off points. And then, sort out those who need the scholarship the most in a hierarchical method from the histogram.

From these hierarchies, we shall be publishing names of the qualified students with respect to the total required numbers of students needed for the scholarship per community.

3rd Stage: The students whose names were published after stage 2 are to pay an acceptance fee to “The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative” to acknowledge the terms and conditions binding the scholarship through our Organization as a non-profit organization.

4th Stage: Publishing the final lists of students who qualified for the scholarship and accepted the terms of scholarship. We shall be giving these students our organization ID card bearing their profile with us and position as “student.”

When a child is on our scholarship list, we take care of their complete fees, paid directly to their school administration per academic session. Or alternatively, paid directly to the bank account opened for the child by the parents.

The students are expected to submit their average result sheets to our organization coordinator in their community at the end of each academic session. We also monitor their academic performances through their school heads to make sure that results submitted to us by the students are the same as the record kept and provided by their respective schools.



So, we’ve also put into consideration children who are not bright enough to meet our scholarship exam cut-off point. These children are not to be denied their fundamental right because they are yet to pick up intellectually like other smart kids out there. Therefore, we initiated the “NO EXAM SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.”

Now, every parent/guardian is given a chance to register their children/wards directly with our non-profit organization as student members, and we shall grant the child full access to our scholarship program, and other entitlements due for our scholars without being made to pass through exams as others did. Every child deserves the best; hence, promoting equity while harnessing the best in these children remains one of our core values.



A project like this needs funds to keep it functional and progressive. Aside from raising money from our partnered businesses to support our projects, we also intend to source out more funds through:

  1. Individual Donations.
  2. Sponsorship from companies and brands.
  3. Sponsorship from Government.
  4. Sponsorship from international organizations.

So we are seeking your support to adopt more scholars in the rural communities and expand to different countries where there are many less privileged kids. There is no amount of donation that is too small.

Alternatively, you can adopt any child in your location, register the child with our non-profit organization for a one-off membership fee of $100 (50, 000 naira) per child, and we shall include the child in our scholarship program as a benefactor without being made to pass through exams as others did.

With the alternative method, we are promoting education to be every child’s fundamental right. Even if the child is dull intellectually, it is only through continual quality education that they can be made smart with time. So in this regard, we should not deprive the child of a chance for quality education, and access to our scholarship empowerment program, because they are dull and won’t ever pass the scholarship exam.

You can adopt as many children as you care through this program and have their success stories tiled to your name forever. Use the link below to fill a form, submit details of the child and proceed with payment.

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P.S: We shall always show updates of our progress here on the website and also send directly to our donors’ email. If there are kids from Nigeria or international that you would love us to include in the scholarship list, please do your best to send us the child’s info and parent’s contact details and we take action immediately.