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$ 100.00 Needed Donation

We launched TYEN CLUB as an initiative to unite all youths around the world together; solving their different life challenging problems as a family.

At TYEN CLUB, we have given every youth (Young or old, Poor or Rich) the opportunity to acquire financial freedom through an investment plan so they wouldn’t need to labor for returns with “SECUREWILLS INVESTMENT LTD”. So as a member of TYEN CLUB FAMILY, we pay you a $500 annual dividend to support your business, education, and healthy living every year.

Not just owning only shares; you also stand the chance of:

  1. Getting TYCT INITIATIVE Membership card.
  2. Getting Loans for Businesses.
  3. Having your idea funded and promoted for FREE.
  4. Joining TYCT Initiative Community Development projects and Humanitarian Services.
  5. Getting mutual donations from the community in your trying times.
  6. Getting FREE LIFETIME mentorship for your chosen choice of career by experts from TYCT INITIATIVE.

P.S: TYEN is an acronym for “The Young Entrepreneurs Network”

We make a $100 investment for each member of TYEN CLUB through SECUREWILLS INVESTMENT LTD, and compound the profits for 12 months to raise the $500 dividend we pay each member annually.


The youths are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $100 to gain full access to the shares from SECUREWILLS and other benefits from TYCT Initiatives. But unfortunately, not all youths can afford a $100 currently. So we seek your support for the youths. You can sponsor only 1 youth with a $100 or multiple depending on your financial capacity.